May 7, 2014

Crazy For Cricket - Cricket has spreading its wings in different nations!

Everyone in their life has played a sport as a part of their school or college activity. Some take it to the professional level while others still cherish their favourite sport by watching and following it. When asked ‘Your favourite Sport?’ to anyone where I hail from, without a doubt you get the answer CRICKET! Although Hockey is the national game of India, Cricket is the one that interests the most of all.

I have been following Cricket in and out from past 20 years with my favourite team being India and Australia. My best-loved and admired players are Sachin Tendulkar, Mahindra Singh Dhoni, Ricky Ponting, Adam Gilchrist, Shane Warne and many more. I do enjoy watching all kinds of Cricket matches with my family and friends. The energy and enthusiasm that are gone in when watching the match is undefinable and can only be experienced. Since 2008, Cricket has gotten really interesting and spreading its wings in different nations, such as the Indian Premier League (IPL) where matches are held by combining different teams by a franchise competing for a title. Moreover, all the media entering into Cricket has made it more deviant and controversial arousing curiosity in the followers. I’m really enjoying the current IPL that is a hot topic of discussion for everyone now.

 When I am working in an office, website helps me a great deal to check cricket live updates. Even now in the office, I enjoyed watching cricket with the fabulous features available on There are many features available on from that my favourite is Action Recap and Fastest Score Board. I was thankful to that saved me from missing the IPL matches. Now I never miss a single shot and catches, Action Recap helps me to surmount this problem.

The enigmatic perspective about Cricket or any other sport is that, it drives the fans insane and you can hear them discussing about every single aspect of the match. Keeping aside unfortunate issues like match-fixing and other corrupt activities, Cricket is still one of the finest and fascinating games ever originated. Finally, I’m glad there is a sport like Cricket that exists to always entertain and cheer me up where I can take out time from my busy schedule and have a great quality time with my family and friends.

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Feb 1, 2014

Famous People's Zodiac Signs: Celebrities and their Zodiac Signs

Sometimes it can be hard to tell how knowing the personality traits of someone’s zodiac sign or your own, can help you to understand or work with them. While it is one thing to know that Taurus’s are stubborn, Leo’s love attention, Gemini’s are a bit unstable and Capricorn’s tend towards being obsessive compulsive it is another to get beyond the stereotypes and see how the good and bad traits of each sign can form a person.

One great way to learn how to see the balance (so you can practice living with it) is to look at famous people’s zodiac signs. This is helpful because celebrities are so exposed in the media that we can really see them at their best and worst in a way we often don’t get to know our co-workers or friends. Often, the stars we like reflect who we are drawn to and most compatible with as well.

AriesCeline Dion and Quentin Tarantino are excellent examples of this over energized sign. Both of them are capable of doing the work of twenty people. What makes this all possible is not so much a physical energy, but a mental one as well. They can talk through a problem and find a solution in minutes. The drawback to this energy is their widely publicized impatience. They are quick to anger and given to dramatic fits, not caring or thinking how this may come back to affect what they have been doing all that work on to achieve.

TaurusPenelope Cruz is as far as you have to go to see an example of a full Taurus in action. She is a workhorse that is known for her reliability and drive in an industry that is notorious with putting up with the flaky. She also is a darling of the gossip rags because she is so loving and patient – except in the next moment when she does something so stubborn it is unbelievable. How could someone so sweet and giving be so intractable? Simple, she is a Taurus and they can become grossly stubborn about something even when they can see that it is not in their best interest.

Gemini – The Gemini is represented by twins and in real life, being around a Gemini is very much like being around two different people and never knowing which one is going to show up. Angelina Jolie is a good example. One moment she is a paragon of virtue and compassion and then the next – wild and angry.

Cancer Meryl Streep is Cancer personified. She is one of the most creative and imaginative actresses in the history of film, as well as one of the most notoriously touchy and neurotic. While much of this could be written off to an “artistic temperament,” chances are, it has more to do with this famous person’s zodiac sign.

Leo – If Jennifer Lopez and Antonio Banderas ever had a family the tabloids would refer to it as a “pride.” After all, that is what two lions and their cubs are called. They are flamboyant, generous, loving and adventurous when they are on their best behavior but bossy and pompous at their worst.

Virgo –Think Virgo and think Faith Hill and Leann Rimes. These are two famous people with the zodiac sign of the water bearer. Virgos are fussy nitpickers but with a purpose – they are also some of the most detail oriented workers around.

Libra – Many people will be surprised that Catherine Zeta-Jones is considered a “quintessential” Libra. That is because most people only think of Libras as lovers of beauty and harmony. That they are but they are also lovers of justice and when crossed can make a Taurus look weak willed.

Scorpio – Poor Demi Moore probably wished she was born under a different sign but then again, had she been perhaps we would never have heard of her. She has all the good qualities of the Scorpion with her passion and determination, but is undermined by her jealous and obsessive tendencies.

SagittariusTina Turner is the poster child for Sagittarians at their best and worst. It is common knowledge the many struggles she has had but her innate nature, which makes her always find that silver lining in even the worst storms kept her in situations she would have been better off leaving. Unfortunately for Christina Aguilera she was born under the same sign.

CapricornNicholas Cage is a fine example of a Capricorn. They walk a very thin line between being calm and practical because they have their priorities in order and being calm and practical because they think nothing matters and the world is about to end.

Aquarius – The problem many people have with feeling a great deal of sympathy towards Jennifer Aniston is most likely because she is an Aquarius. For many people, an Aquarian should be likeable because they are so loyal and honest but there is something that seems to prevent that from happening. It’s because the flip side of this sign is their emotional attachment and lack of empathy. If they are not mindful they can come off as uncaring and distant.

PiscesRihanna. Just a name and you should start to get the picture. Pisces are known for their selflessness but they don’t have a very strong sense of self-direction and can get in trouble due to their naiveté.

The London 2012 Olympic Constructions

Despite all the apprehension the Olympics have come and gone with much success. The intense training of British athletes paid off as did the hard work of all the volunteers. However, the two weeks of sporting theatre would not have been such cause for celebration if the infrastructure was not well developed and in time.

The Olympic Stadium began its construction in 2008 having been designed by architectural firm Populous. It cost approximately £486 million to develop. There is no set tenant for the stadium after the Paralympics, however in 2017 it will host the World Athletics Championships. Though it held 80,000 spectators for the Olympics, it was designed to be easily downsized for less populated events, thus having a post Games capacity of 50,000.

Beyond the Stadium there have been various constructions both practical and allegedly aesthetic to boost the games and their legacy. The ArcelorMittal Orbit, designed by British artists Anish Kapoor and Cecil Balmond, is the most controversial construction. Funded mostly by Laskshmi Mittal and partially by the London Development Agency at a cost of £23 million, the idea for a landmark sculpture outside the Stadium was initiated by London Mayor Boris Johnson. It is unclear what the purpose or benefit of this sculpture will be and its unorthodox design, making it look like an erected piece of scrap metal, calls into question its aesthetic value. It will remain open to the public containing a cafe and a gallery from which a view of London’s landscape and surrounding areas can be seen. Taking London to new heights was a metaphorical intended outcome of the Games. This construction may literally allow that to happen, but it is the metaphorical heights which are so much more important in these times of austerity.

Olympic Park Development

Another development linked to the Olympics Park is Stratford International. It is connected to the DLR line so provides access to the wider London transport network. However the main outcome of this project remains unfulfilled as of yet. The original purpose was for Stratford International to be a stop for EuroStar travellers from mainland Europe before they reached St Pancras International. It was hoped the Olympic regeneration of East London and the opening of Europe’s largest shopping centre, Westfield Stratford, located nearby, would bring in more tourists and justify a stop but EuroStar initially refused. They are currently reconsidering. The success of the Olympics may help to boost tourism to London, particularly East London, thus this laid out infrastructure was a wise investment. (The line was also used by a different operator during the Games transporting people efficiently to and from Stratford via the “Javelin” service).

Further transport developments for the London Olympics came from London Overground’s East London line. It was formerly a London Underground line but was disused for several years as it underwent expansion, before opening to overground services. Later this summer more development will be done connecting it to other parts of London such as Clapham Junction. It forms part of the pre and post Olympic legacy to redevelop East London. It is hoped the improved transport links will encourage more businesses to base themselves in this area, particularly technology companies who can be in close proximity to TechCity in Shoreditch, London’s answer to Silicon Valley.

25 miles west of London is located the Eton Dorney rowing centre where a bespoke boat shaped concrete bridge was constructed to make access for the thousands of extra visitors safer and easier. It will continue to be in use after the Games and could help boost the centre’s application to host more competitions as it is now more accessible to large numbers of people.

So can the Olympic constructions claim gold? All in all, much went in to these and various other constructions, directly or indirectly linked to the Games. Even if the cynics are proven right and there is no tangible legacy for which these constructions can be used they will still have done their job: making the Games safe and accessible thus opening the doors for more international sporting events in Britain and further international economic investment.

Thank you to the games team at for their assistance in putting together this constructive article; We all enjoyed the Olympic games and it is great to hear how it was all developed!

Jan 31, 2014

Top 3 Famous Celebrity Malpractice Cases

Guess Which Celebs Hit It Big In The Courtroom ?

Medical malpractice cases are more common than we may know, or want to acknowledge. Every day, something goes wrong in the medical field with the care of individuals that cause either more harm, medical damages, or worse - death. Did you know some celebrities have hit it big in the courtroom as well?

We don't always hear about all of the medical malpractice cases. Most cases slide by under the radar without us ever having known anything about them. But sometimes, the case is so big, or has to do with a well-known person, that it gets public attention. When this is the case, every detail is exposed, and we as the public, get to decide if we agree that it was a case of medical malpractice, or not.

Some of the most famous medical malpractice cases you may have heard about, and recognize the names involved in the cases are:

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson's personal physician, Dr. Conrad Murray, was charged with involuntary manslaughter in Michael Jackson's death in June 2009. In February 2010, Dr. Murray faced a possible 4-year prison term for giving Michael Jackson narcotics, as well as an aesthetic used in surgery, known as Propofol, that ultimately caused his death. Dr. Murray plead not guilty, though in the end, he was ultimately found guilty of manslaughter. The Jackson estate also landed quite a settlement, the amount of which is unknown.

John Ritter

John Ritter was a famous comedian and is best known for his role as Jack Tripper on Three's Company. In 2003, John Ritter fell ill on the set of his show, "8 Simple Rules," and was rushed to the ER. His condition was misdiagnosed, with doctors claiming his condition was a heart attack and not the Aortic Tear, that it really was. His family claims he could have been saved if he had been properly diagnosed. The family sued for $67 million and ultimately received over $14 million in settlements. A sad but true reality for the beloved TV star.

Dennis Quaid's Babies

In 2009, actor Dennis Quaid's twin newborn babies were given the wrong dose of Heparin; a blood thinner. Because the vials of adult dosing and children's dosing look similar, the vials were confused, and the nurse gave the twins the wrong amount - giving them an adult dose. Dennis Quaid and his wife, Kimberly, sued Cedars - Sinai Hospital and the makers of Heparin for having the adult dosed bottles look too similar to the children's bottles. Ultimately, the Quaid's won $500,000 from the hospital.


Medical malpractice happens in the profession of medicine. If there is a true, case of negligence between hospitals and medical staff, they need to be held accountable. There are physicians and medical staff that believe they can practice how they want, and not be held accountable for bad outcomes related to their decisions and orders. Not all medical malpractice cases are heard of. It is usually the cases of the rich and famous, or those cases that make groundbreaking headway in the legal system that we, as the public, hear about. Some cases become so well-known; such as the Michael Jackson case that it will be known about for years to come.
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Jan 26, 2014

4 Unusual Celebrity Friendships

Celebrity friendships are interesting enough when they're conventional pairings. But the fact the celebs below have forged lasting friendships is surprising to say the least. Tinsel town is one crazy place!

50 Cent and Bette Midler

Bette Midler rose to fame as a theatre star and is famous for her charity work. 50 Cent grew up on the streets of New York and has been shot 9 times.

Jan 25, 2014

Miranda Kerr out and about shopping candids in New York

Victoria Justice Photoshoot at hotel in Sydney

Eccentric Celebs – They No Nuts, They Crazy

Celebrities are eccentric, there is no doubt. Their unusual antics must be something to do with the Hollywood air, oodles of cash and global recognition. Here are a few examples of some of the 'best'...

Frank Sinatra

Maybe not the guy you immediately think of when it comes to the famous and crazy. However, an incident with a golf cart suggests otherwise.

Jan 24, 2014

carnival celebrations at the Sambadrome in Rio de Janeiro

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